Today’s Giveaway – Find the Seven Words In this Picture (Giveaway For 5th Sep 2017)

Today’s giveaway based on “FIND THE WORDS”. Here is a picture and in this picture total ‘Seven Words”. So find the words and win free 20rs Recharge from us. Our every giveaway follow “1st come, 1st win”  Proverb. Means “The person who answers first will be winner.

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Q- Find the Seven Words in this picture

Give your answer using comment box.. winner will be announced after 9PM

Terms and conditions –

1) Each visitor can answer only once.

2) If a visitor repeatedly answers, then he will be disqualify.

3) Winner will be announced on our facebook group.

4) it is necessary that the winners send their Details on our Facebook page or on whatsapp number.

5) No price will be given, if participates not send their details with in 24 Hours.

6) Each comment will be approved before 30 minutes of Result ( For safety purpose).

Hit– All words related to education field.

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