(Over) Ruuh Refer and Earn Program – Invite 10 Friends To Ruuh And Get 100 Rs Amazon Voucher

Ruuh Refer and Earn Program – Invite 10 Friends To Ruuh And Get 100 Rs Amazon Voucher. Ruuh Is A AI Powered Chat Bot, Which Can Chat With You. Ruuh Chat Bot Available at Facebook. it is a Microsoft AI Bot. And Microsoft Promote Ruuh chat Bot. It Is Offering 100 Rs Amazon gift Voucher for Inviting four Friends to Ruuh Chat Bot. This offer terminate any time, so hurry up and Earn Free amazon Gift Vouchers…

Ruuh Refer and Earn Program - Invite 4 Friends To Ruuh And Get 50 Rs Amazon Voucher
Ruuh Refer and Earn Program – Invite 10 Friends To Ruuh And Get 100 Rs Amazon Voucher


How to Earn Free Amazon gift Voucher – Ruuh Refer and Earn Program

1) Firstly, Click Here To Connect With Ruuh Chat Bot.

Please Note – It is not an Application, It is a Chat Bot, Which can be Chat with you as a friend on Facebook. 

2) Open link In Facebook Messenger.

If Link Not Open In Facebook Messenger, Then Login Your Id In Browser And Connect with Ruuh Chat Bot.

3) After Successfully Login or Connect with Ruuh chat bot, Just Say hii Or hey..

4) Now Send #RuuhFriends ( Don’t Miss This Line Otherwise You will not Getting GV)

5) Now You Have Friend with Ruuh..

Thats it..


Proof – 


How to Get Referral link From Ruuh Chat bot – Ruuh Refer and Earn Program

1) Simply ask To Ruuh chat bot 😂😂🤣😂🤣..

Give me my referral link

Note – Please Send 1- Hey or hii then 2 – #RuuhFriends and then Finally 3 – Give me my Referral Link.. (Follow All step to Successful Receive GV)

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How to Get Amazon Gift Vouchers From Ruuh Chat Bot – Ruuh Refer and Earn Program

1) Open chat Box of Ruuh.

2) Now Again Type #Ruuhfriends and Send it.

3) You will Get Your Amazon Gift Voucher.


Terms and  Conditions – Ruuh Refer and Earn Program

1) You win Amazon coupons for recommending your friends to chat with Ruuh. For example, if you get 10 people talking to Ruuh, you’ll get Amazon coupons worth ₹100.

2)  In order for your referral to be valid, the friend you refer must not have chatted with Ruuh previously. It has to be a completely new user.

3) You can get your coupons by saying #RuuhFriends to Ruuh.

4) Every coupon has an ID and a code attached to it. It’s displayed as Code/ID.

5) You can add Amazon coupon to your account here. https://aka.ms/amazoncoupon

6) You can check your gift card history here:

7) Amazon Coupon Helpdesk

If a customer has received Amazon.in gift card, only this team would be able to address queries related to coupon usage such as coupon not working, coupon already claimed, etc.

a) Email id: corp-gc@amazon.in

b) Toll free no.: 180030002049 (Working hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on working days)

8) Amazon General Helpdesk

For all order or any other queries related to product delivery status, refund / replacement, general inquiry about an offer or product, etc. call on Toll free no.: 180030009009

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