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Get Free Tiranga At Your Home (Register Now). It is the Month of Independent Day 15th Aug. You Can feel A power in our Indian Atmosphere. This is the Power of Freedom. To show Your Love For Your Country on this Independent Day lets Mount A Flag On Your Roof. You Can Get Tiranga Free Of Cost From BJP Neta C R Paatil (Member of parliament, Navsari)

My Opinion – Please Do not Register Your Self If you Can Buy A Tiranga Yourself.

How to Get free Tiranga At Your Home – 

1) Firstly, Visit CR Paatil Website from Here.

2) Now Register YourSelf.

3) Enter Your Name, Address, Mobile Number and Loksabha.

4) Mr. C R Paatil Team Send You A Khadi Tiranga At Your Home Before 15th Aug.

Note & Request – If You Are Register Or Even Not Register, but Please Say thanks to Mr. CR Paatil For His Work. Har Ghar Tiranga,Har gaon Tiranga Campaign.

5) Click Here To Say Thanks to C R paatil –


Rules for National Flag Hoisting

The rules for National Flag hoisting are as below

  1. No flag or emblem should be placed either above the National Flag or to its right.
  2. All other flags to be placed to the left of the National Flag if they are hung in a line. The National Flag shall be hoisted first and lowered last.
  3. The National Flag shall be hoisted on the top than any other flags.
  4. When the Flag is carried in a procession or a parade, it shall be either on the marching right, i.e. the Flag’s own right, or if there is a line of other flags, in front of the centre of the line.
  5. When the National Flag is displayed from a windowsill, balcony, or front of a building, the saffron band shall be upper most.
  6. The National Flag shall be flown from sunrise to sunset, irrespective of weather conditions. The Flag shall be bought down at night.
  7. On all occasions for official display, only the Flag conforming to specifications laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards and bearing their standard mark shall be used. On other occasions also, it is desirable that only such Flags of appropriate size are flown.

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